Frequently Asked Questions

+ How does Steak Cloud work?

Steak Cloud mines altcoins and in return pays out in the POS or POW coin of your choice.

+ How do I get paid in a supported coin?

In order to get paid in a supported coin, enter your wallet address as your username, examples below.

Steak Cloud pays in ApexCoin, PandaCoin, TittieCoin, AmberCoin, XxXCoin, DogedDark, StepsCoin, MintCoin, BlackCoin, AmsterdamCoin, GameCredits, Sprouts, AnarchistsPrime, Bata, granite, AntiBitcoin and Bitcoin, more coins will be added based on demand.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The following coins need an extra character added to the beginning of wallet address (username). This allows Steak Cloud to differentiate between similar addresses.

AnarchistsPrime ADD A "3" - Example: 31BZqabT7DHS6E4pXaVHha6iTMbrby5y95x
AntiBitcoin ADD A "5" - Example: 5Ad37cdrGUAwFCTKJamW3sWpC2DMuouanEY
Amber ADD AN "!" - EXAMPLE: !Ada8RZH6wn597G7pxFivLQBiDj5JR2yh2u
Sprouts ADD A "4" - EXAMPLE: 4SjRPEqBHqgqG1EYxYBSrNpmxiAjwo1aMZU
Bata ADD A "2" - EXAMPLE: 2B8Eb78RbV9DVShDkMgRtzyoFQYhTxJ51G4
Granite ADD A "7" - EXAMPLE: 7GayKo4xaPL8gGhHpzuAfBMELN4XJRV8XXZ
All other coins use the standard wallet address with NO changes to the address at all.

Replace YOUR_PAYOUT_ADDRESS with your wallet address for one of our supported payout coins.
stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_PAYOUT_ADDRESS -p x

Scrypt HIGHDIFF > 16384 - Nice Hash compatible
stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_PAYOUT_ADDRESS -p x

stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_PAYOUT_ADDRESS -p x

Sha256 HIGHDIFF > 16384 - Nice Hash compatible
stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_PAYOUT_ADDRESS -p x

stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_PAYOUT_ADDRESS -p x

X11 HIGHDIFF > 0.2 - Nice Hash compatible
stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_PAYOUT_ADDRESS -p x

+ When do I get paid?

All miners are paid once per day, coins are sent to the wallet address provided by the user as the username.

+ Why should I use a platform such as Steak Cloud?

Steak Cloud is the perfect platform for coin owners and community members who wish to increase the value of their POS (Proof Of Stake) or POW (Proof Of Work) altcoins on exchanges. Steak Cloud also makes it possible for rig owners to mine POS (Proof Of Stake) coins effortlessly at the same time having the piece of mind that the coin will increase in value due to the daily buy orders moving through the exchanges for all supported coins. Steak Cloud boasts a bespoke automated payout script that guarantees no payout errors! Thank you Raroun!

+ How do I add an altcoin to Steak Cloud or suggest a coin to be added?

Coin requests are handled by our support ticketing system, simply click on the "Coin Request" tab to get started.

+ What is the difference between multipool and dedicated mining?

Multipool mining mines the most profitable coin through profit switching and will be paid in the supported coin of your choice. Dedicated mining allows the user to mine a specific altcoin and will be paid in the supported coin of your choice(Based on the payout addrress entered as your username).

+ What is time duration of "This shift:" as seen in miner stats?

"This shift:" refers to the time from the last payout to the current time. For exaple; if the last payout was 23:16 +02:00 and each "Shift" lasts 24 hours, then the amount earned "This shift:" would be calculating how much you have mined in the payout coin of your choice since the last payout. Payouts run daily between 23:00 and 00:00 UTC+02:00

Watch a video on how to use Steak Cloud